قالب v06

قالب v06

1,499,000 تومان1,699,000 تومان
تولید کننده: Vahid.S
مدل کالا: v06
موجودی: بله
برچسب ها: طراحی, سایت, و, قالب, وب, سایت, v06

ویژگی ها :

  • Fully responsive theme
  • 4 Ready to use themes
  • Power admin panel
  • Powerful theme color options
  • Icon options – Vector / Image
  • Cloud zoom with popup overlay image zoom
  • Custom link and dropdown menu options
  • 3 Product page layouts
    • Description display unique R.Gen Cupid style open beside main image
    • Description display as tab
    • Default style
  • 4 Slide show styles
    • Large slideshow with product module display
    • Medium size slideshow without product module
    • Slideshow with side small banners
    • Default slideshow style with side column support on home page
  • Touch screen support for scrollers and slideshow
  • Slide show configuration options
  • Module selection to display on slideshow
  • Dynamic small banner position options for home page
    • Display below slideshow
    • Display beside slideshow
    • Flexible position
  • Short description display on product block
  • Category expand collapsed in side column
  • Refine category display options
    • Category name as slider
    • Category name as grid
    • Category name & image as slider
    • Category name & image as grid
  • 3 level sub category menu
  • Custom main menu options
  • Custom dropdown creator
  • Option to display information links
  • Custom top level links in menu
  • Custom font selection – 500+ Google Fonts
  • Custom background upload option for body, page & header area
  • Custom footer information – About us, twitter, facebook widgets, contact details & social links
  • Custom sharing code input option to set on product page
  • Logo position option – Left or Centre
  • Product box hover effect display options
  • Product modules display option – slider or grid
  • Default grid view / list view option for product list page
  • Custom code input for CSS and JAVASCRIPT
  • Custom CSS file option

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